Ladbrokes since 1886 | British oldest bookmaker and now the largest fixed odds betting companies around the World.
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When you think "bookmaker" probably one of your first associations is Ladbrokes, the largest fixed odds betting firm in the world. This renown and trusted bookmaker was established in 1886, and since then has provided its clientele with betting of the highest standard possible.

One of their first priorities is the sport of greyhound racing. The English bookmaker covers all the tracks from the UK, Ireland and also the USA. Bettors can choose either popular fixed odds or parimutuel betting (Tote betting). To increase your chances of winning, analyze the data from Ladbrokes Greyhound Form & Stats section. It does help! Once you have placed £5 worth of bets, Ladbrokes gives you access to see live all the daily greyhound races from the top tracks in the UK.

Ladbrokes is also the organizer and sponsor of various greyhound racing events such as Ladbrokes Gold Cup (the prize of £7,000) or a racing competition known as the Golden Jacket (with a £15,000 trophy). Ladbrokes is also the owner of two greyhound tracks: Crayford Greyhound Track in London (the host of the 2010 Ladbrokes Golden Jacket) and Monmore Green Greyhound Track in Wolverhampton.


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