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How to bet on Dogs There are three basic ways to place a bet on greyhounds. First of all, you can go straight to the track, place a bet and watch the race with your own eyes. It is definitely very appealing prospect, but at the same time it can be costly, time-consuming or simply unfeasible. Probably the odds for your bet are offered at your local bookmaker, but you might be put off by the prospect of leaving the house and crossing a street or two. The third option is to place a bet in the comfort of your own home. It is becoming more and more popular nowadays to bet without leaving the house whether it is done online, via mobile phone or digital TV.

dof racer number 1When you bet on greyhounds you can either choose fixed odds from a typical bookmaker or parimutuel betting via Tote or one of a several other bookmakers which accept Tote betting. In the first case the moment you place your bet you know precisely how much you stand to win. By contrast, in Tote betting before the start of a race you don't know and can only guess what will be your potential payout. Since parimutuel betting from French means "to bet between ourselves," you do not bet against the bookmaker, but against other players. When the race starts and bets are no longer accepted, Tote's computer determines the price of individual greyhounds on the basis of all the gathered bets.

A mix of knowledge and luck is the key to success in betting. What might help you broaden your knowledge and place a bet wisely and with greater confidence is the racing form of the dogs. Since there are many dog racing forms on the Internet (such as, don't worry if the service is not offered by your bookmaker. The racing form makes it possible to pick any greyhound greyhound and study in chronological order it's past results including race times, which other dogs it has been competing against, race winning times, races distances etc. When you collect and analyze all this data carefully you will be able to make a sound judgement which dog is worth betting on.

One of the most important aspects of the pre-race form analysis is trap draw. See which trap the dog you intend to bet on is starting from and compare it with his previous races. Most dogs are more likely to win when they are starting from the trap(s) which suit their way of running (in the middle of the track, close to the rails, or out wide). For instance, if the dog receives his “disliked” trap additionally having strong contenders to win on both sides, probably he won't win the race and right from the start will struggle to find a clear passage. Bear in mind that the start of the race is vital for the final results. Usually, the dog which leads into the first bend, will win the race. Still, those dogs which are remarkable finishers can in the final stages unexpectedly alter the race that appears to be settled.

There are a couple of other suggestions that might help tip the scales in your favour. Generally, bet on 2 year old greyhounds as this is the age when they achieve the peak of their form. Keep an eye on the odds! If the dog's price is considerably reduced just before the race and many people start backing it, this indicates that someone received reliable information that the dog in question is a strong contender to win. In case of rainy conditions, heavy dogs, especially those running from inside traps, stand a much greater chance of winning. Dogs' pre-race behavior tells a lot about their winning chances. High spirits and liveliness indicate that a greyhound can delive top-notch running performance. Whenever you have serious doubts as to what dog is worth betting, sit out the race. You will have plenty of occassions to bet later on!